For healthcare professionals

SmartDosette and SmartSafety are early support solutions for seniors. They offer the customers an important feeling of autonomy and being able to live in their own home, even if they need home care.

SmartDosette, the solution that helps people to remember to take the right medication at the right time, is a particularly excellent solution for many home care customers. We have collaborated and developed our products with several healthcare professionals, which has allowed us to identify which home care customers have benefited most from SmartDosette:

People whose medical treatment of a primary disease has previously been unstable due to irregular medicine intake and who have achieved a balance of treatment with the help of SmartDosette.

SmartDosette is a reliable way to be reminded of taking medication so customers can allow themselves to trust it, which enables easy and secure management of medication routine at home. However, if necessary, home care can control the use of SmartDosette so that the dosette box only contains the medication for the next few days. Instead of a dosette box, a dose dispenser with medicines in pre-packed sachets can also be placed on the main device where the medicines are already in sachets.

In addition to reminding about medication time with alerts and voice guidance, healthcare professionals can also provide support to the customer’s memory through written personalised instructions.

Digitalisation – the use of technological tools – is becoming more widespread and increasingly common in healthcare. It is therefore good for healthcare professionals to be aware of the tools available to them and their customers, such as robots, applications and equipment.

Compared to e.g., medical robots, SmartDosette is a much more cost-effective solution for early support. SmartDosette is easy to use and does not require the installation of a separate application.

When SmartDosette helps handle the medication routine, home care has more time left for other tasks and even that invaluable social interaction.

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