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Many seniors are absolutely able to live in the convenience of their homes and can take care of everyday tasks on their own. However, many of them have medicines to take regularly, and old age often comes with a weakening memory or a memory disorder.

Therefore, it is vital for the health and safety of seniors living at home to ensure that the appropriate medicine is taken as prescribed and in a timely manner. Drug safety, i.e. not taking too many medicines by accident, is also vital to be ensured. Medical matters may be a cause of worry to both the individual themselves as well as their loved ones.

Equipped with an alarm and a voice guidance function, the SmartDosette medication reminder offers a convenient solution to this matter. You can attach a normal pill organiser (dosette box) or, alternatively, a dose dispenser with medicines in pre-packed sachets to SmartDosette. All the user of SmartDosette needs to do is to take the medicines from the dosette box when the device asks for it – and put the dosette box back to its place afterwards.

For a senior (or any person in need of long-term medicinal treatment), SmartDosette can provide an important feeling of independence and autonomy. For a loved one, SmartDosette offers peace of mind: the solution can be configured to send a notification on their phone if the medication isn’t taken as scheduled.

For many, using SmartDosette also results in cost savings by reducing home care visits!

SmartSafety supports independent living

In addition to SmartDosette, we offer the SmartSafety solution for home. It can also be used on its own, without SmartDosette.

SmartSafety doesn’t talk or ask you to do anything like SmartDosette, but rather does its work in the background. It is connected with various safety features, i.e. a personal alarm wristband, smoke detector, flood detector and door sensor, and the telephone numbers of up to five people.

The device sends a message or makes a call to the phones of family members or friends when any of the following occurs:

button on the personal alarm wristband is pressed

water comes into contact with the flood detector

for example, if the dishwasher is leaking

fire alarm goes off

front/back door is opened when it should not be opened

door sensor detects that the door is opened when it should not be opened (for example, at night)

The key value the SmartSafety solution offers is that it informs loved ones about an unusual situation so that they can take action as needed. In addition, features such as the fire alarm will naturally also alert the residents as usual.

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