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Dose Control Oy

is a Finnish healthcare technology company that has been in operation for 21 years. In 2001, Dose Control developed an insulin reminder for those with diabetes to support the balance of their treatment regime.


The development of the SmartDosette medication reminder started when the founder of the company, Kari Korander, became concerned about how his father with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease could manage his medication independently at home. His father did not remember to take the medication at the right time and repeatedly forgot the hours of the day, and using the medication dosette box alone was not a sufficient help.

Kari started thinking about how his father could manage his medication better. Even though Kari was a close relative, he couldn’t always be there to remind his father to take his medication. Making phone calls alone was not enough either because his father may have lost the dosette box and giving instructions on the phone was not enough to resolve the situation. Something had to be done to make sure his father could continue to live as independently as possible at home. There was a genuine need for a smart device.

Kari’s father learned to use a device with an alert function and a voice guidance prompting him to take the medication from the dosette box. With this help, his everyday life improved as this was the solution to enable him to take his medication at the right time. With the help of the device, Kari’s father continued to regularly take his medication until the end of his life.


The diseases of people who take medication over a long period of time, as well as their associated illnesses, account for a significant share of the total expenditure on healthcare.

Efforts should be made to reduce healthcare costs. Similarly, it is important to strive to make life easier for people on long-term medication and for their family and friends. Fulfilling both the needs of an individual as well as society are at the heart of the product development of Dose Control.

The right balance of treatment is a key factor, as losing it will have serious consequences for the individual as well as costs for healthcare. Our SmartDosette solution has been developed to maintain a good balance of treatment.

Both SmartDosette and our other product SmartSafety make the everyday life easier and provide security for those on long-term medication, such as seniors.


Dose Control develops, manufactures and markets high-quality products that make the daily lives of people on long-term medication more convenient – as well as those of their loved ones.

Award-winning product

The SmartDosette medication reminder was previously developed under the name Diacon. In 2001, the President of the Republic of Finland, Tarja Halonen, awarded Dose Control the INNOSUOMI award for the development of the Diacon medication reminder.

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