Frequently asked questions

The device does not require separate applications, it works with a SIM card that is installed on the device.

That is unfortunately not possible. SmartDosette is designed for a person taking medication independently at home, offering memory support. The device is well suited for supporting those who suffer from a mild memory disorder.

SmartDosette works well with both a dosette box and a dose dispenser, as both weigh enough. SmartDosette detects when the dosette box or the dose dispenser has been removed from the device, interpreting that the medication has been taken.

You can download the instructions for use here. (Currently available in Finnish only.)

Three. Currently, the voice guidance of the SmartDosette is available in English, Finnish and Swedish.

If you do not take medication at the first prompt, you can set the device to remind you again, for example, every 5 minutes for an hour.

Yes. The dosette box has a compartment for max. 4 doses per day, and SmartDosette can be set to remind max. 6 times per day. It can also remind a person to administer themselves medicine by injection, take an oral solution or use an inhaler, for example.

Smartdosette is only intended to support medicinal treatment, i.e. It is not possible to use the device for other everyday reminders.

No. There is no camera on the device. SmartDosette detects that the dosette box has been taken from the base and returned back, based on which it interprets that the medicine has been taken.

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