SmartDosette medication reminder

Manage your medication routine with ease!

SmartDosette works similarly to a traditional pill organiser or a dosette box. SmartDosette works as a base on top of which the dosette box including the medicines are placed. The user-friendly device is then programmed with 1 to 6 medication times, which are repeated daily.

When it’s time to take the medication, the device alerts with a voice reminder. The voice reminder is available in English, Finnish and Swedish.

SmartDosette detects that the medicines have been taken by the weight of the dosette box or a dose dispenser after the dispenser has been removed from the device and placed back. It also works well with the dose dispenser that includes pre-dispensed sachets of medicine.

The device does not require separate software, only a separate SIM card to be inserted into the device.

In addition, the SmartSafety solution can be connected to SmartDosette. SmartSafety features a personal alarm wristband, flood detector, door sensor and smoke detector.


The medication reminder uses state-of-the-art technology to provide memory support to a person who is taking medication and living independently at home. It is also ideal for professionals and/or relatives who want to keep an eye on a person’s medication routine. Besides people with memory challenges, the medication reminder is also well-suited for people who have busy and hectic lifestyles and would benefit from regular reminders to take their medication.

Easy to set up

No separate applications are required. SmartDosette can use a standard dosette box with four compartments for each day of the week, or sachets pre-dispensed by a pharmacy can be used in the pharmacy's own package.

Easy timer

You configure SmartDosette with 1 to 6 reminders per day. Medication times can be controlled remotely.

Clear voice guidance

When it is time to take medication, the device sounds an audible alarm and a voice prompts the user to take the medicine. You can select either a female or a male voice as the speaking voice. In addition to English, the device has Finnish and Swedish language options.

Remotely controlled

If necessary, either a relative, friend or healthcare professional can guide you through the device remotely and help you in taking medication.

Safe to use

If the dosette box is lifted from SmartDosette at the wrong time, the device will warn that it's not time to take the medication yet. Similarly, the device prompts the user to return the dosette box back to its place after the medication has been taken.

Phone connection

Up to five users can be connected to SmartDosette. They will be notified if the medicines are not taken as scheduled. SmartDosette either sends a text message or calls if medication has not been taken and help is needed.

Also works outside the home

When the user leaves their home, they can only take the dosette box without the actual SmartDosette device with them. However, for the time spent out of home, it is possible to configure SmartDosette to remind the user of their medication time by text message or by calling.

Customer experience

in 2020–2021 SmartDosette was tested on elderly people living at home. Three of five had better balance of medication after using the device.

"I was very pleased with the device – my blood pressure improved because I took my medicine regularly, and medication was better contolled overall."
"It makes everyday life a lot easier when you don't have to worry about whether the medication was taken or not."
"When the constant taking of medication starts to get tiring, a talking drug reminder helps like a sports coach."
"If you can use a sphygmomanometer, you can use this device too."

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Mahdollistaa itsenäisen lääkkeiden ottamisen ja pidentää asiakkaan itsenäistä kotona asumista. Lisäksi puheohjaus auttaa lääkkeiden ottamisessa
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