Diacon-Medicine reminder
The Diacon-medicine reminder
is compatible with widely available
dosets and can be used with standard AC power.
We have taken into account the individual needs of the users and their family members while developing Diacon-Medicine reminder.

The philosophy behind the Diacon-Medicine reminder briefly:

1. One puts weekly dose of medicine into the doset
and inserts the time when medicine has to be taken.

2. The reminder alerts when it is time to take medicine.

3. The reminder gives an alert call to a person agreed
if medicine has not been taken.



“My son was diagnosed with asthma at the age of 1,5. He is now 10 years old and needs medication daily. He is busy with doing sports and having music camps. As a mother, I am always worrying if he remembers to take his daily medicine. I bought Diacon-medicine reminder after a friend recommended it. Today, I have no need to stress anymore because I will be alerted if my son does not take the medicine on time. I am very thankful for the inventors behind Diacon-Medicine reminder.”

“ We decided to purchase Diacon-Medicine reminders at Ilomantsi´s municipal nursing home. Thanks to the reminders our work is easier now, especially when there can be a long distance between us and our patients. We have reduced home visits which leads to clear savings when it comes to time and money. We can recommend Diacon-medicine reminder warmly”.

“The work healthcenter of Kustavi has started to use Diacon inhalators. We can point out clear savings because it is not necessary to have so many home visits. For example, some of our patients are living on the islands.”